National Open Art Exhibition 2013

National Open Art Exhibition 2013

14th November to 30th November


The National Open Exhibition 2013 at the Minerva Theatre Chichester was a very diverse exhibition. I found all of it interesting and it made me wonder what the judges criteria was.


I was however mainly drawn to photography

There was a certain theme amongst a few of the photographers and this was ruins.


Michael Vogt

H33 Mantegna


152 x 122 cm

(Ma Photography Present Historia, 2010)


Gina Soden

Care Home


105 x 70 cm

(Exhibition at London Art 13, 2013)


Barry Cawston

Books Napoli

C type photo print

91 x 122 cms

(Barry Cawston, 2013)


I love this aesthetic. All places look slightly stately but in a state of disarray. Things worn, used almost crumbling is the affect of time and use. These places where well used but also forgotten. A lot of visuals that appeal to me are things that are imperfect so this sits well. I found it interesting that there was a distinct theme


Another piece that I was interested in was Pete Burke’s Commercial Way. I could not find an image of the photo but it was of a view through an industrialised gridded wall window. The view behind is of greenery. I like the juxtaposition and the geometry used within the photo.

Pete Burke

Commercial Way

Digital photograph

49 x 59 cm


One thing I did take note of was all the different photographic printing techniques. There are so many to get your head round but the end results where so crisp and inviting, it is something I will consider more carefully in the future



Ma Photography Present Historia, 2010. Available at: (Accessed on 21st May 2014)

Exhibition at London Art 13, 2013 Available at: (Accessed on 21st May 2014)

Barry Cawston, 2013. Available at: (Accessed on 21st May 2014)



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